Speech List

August 20, 2008

Azrikan, Carolyn Wolford: M-F H: 484-0246 carolyn.azrikan
    W: 4357  
Bina, Bonnie Pine Creek HS: M-F H: 488-0298 bonnie,bina
    W: 2722  
Briggeman, Jennifer HP: M,T H: 572-5260 jennifer.briggeman
  BGPS: W,Th,F W: 4700 (HP)  
Burge, Laura TCA North: M-F H: 260-0102 lburge
    W: 484-0081 x339  
Castle, Angi Prairie Hills: M,T,W,Th H: 502-1196 angela.castle
    W: 5163 VM: 8173
Ceballos, Patty Foothills: M-F H: 481-6060 patricia.ceballos
    W: 4551  
Cluxton, Kelly BGPS: T,W,F am H: 282-1074 kelly.cluxton
  W: 1750  
Danley, Judy DV: M-F H: 599-9703 judy.danley
    W: 4260 VM: 6773
Davis, Kari Frontier: M-F H: 660-4882 kari.davis
    W: 4679  
Ford, Julie LHS/PCHS feeder schools H: 282-3286 julie.ford
    Assistive Tech pgr: 448-1747 W: 1357  
Frith, Ruth Antelope Trails: M,T,W H: 488-8655 ruth.frith
    W: 4154 VM: 8069
Gibson, Carol Explorer: M-F H: 266-5795 carol.gibson
    W: 4427 VM: 6869
Kessler, Monica TDVA: M-F H: monica.kessler
    W: 5400  
Kesting, Lisa AAHS/DCC/RHS feeder sch H: 488-3460 lisa.kesting
  cell: 232-8391 W: 1387  
Kocourek, Renee CMS: T,Th H: 481-3841 renee.kocourek
    W: 3120  
Kovach, Pam EMS T,W H:598-7742 pam.kovach
May, Bonnie CT: Mam H: 630-0987 bonnie.may
  RC: Mpm-F W: 8861  
McClow-Kinsey, Sheila Mountain View: M-F H: 531-0599 sheila.mcclow
McIlwain, Cheri Acad. Endeavour:M,T,F H: 531-5553 cheri.mcilwain
  Rampart: W,Th W: 5627 (AE) W: 2068 RHS
Mourning, Robin PI: M,T,W,Th H:599-5266 robin.mourning
    W: 5000  
O’Keeffe, Kathy Rockrimmon: M am,T,Th H: 522-1282 kathy.okeeffe
    W: 5227  
Rich, Wendy Woodmen Roberts: M-F H: 473-5489 wendy.rich
    W: 5300  
Rose, Jan Explorer PS: M-F H: 481-2595 jan.rose
    W: 4473  
Ryal, Mary Timberview: M,T,Fam H: 522-0392 mary.ryal
prn: Aspen & Bridges Mountain Ridge: W,T,Fpm W: 3715 (TMS) 3278(MRMS)
Shambach, Miriam TCAC: T,W,Th am H: 481-4776 mshambach
    W: 265-9766×228  
Shurgot, Lisa Antelope Trails: M-F H: 282-7886 lisa.shurgot
    W: 4100  
Smith, Rosilyn LHS T am,W,F H: 282-8899 rosilyn.smith
    W: 5700  
Stephenson, Laura Briargate PS: M-F H: 266-4025 laura.stephenson
      SLPa   W: 1756  
Stephens, Kim Discovery Canyon: T-F H: 488-5751 kim.stephens
Thompson, Michelle AIES T, Th am, F H:522-1243 michelle.thompson
  EX M, W, Th pm  W: 4053 (AI) 4400 (EX)
Villere, Kathy Briargate PS: M-F H: 488-9358 kathleen.villere
    W: 1767  
Waidelich, Julie Briargate PS: M-F H: 572-5613 julie.waidelich
    W: 1751, 1756  
Wintermute, Betsy Discovery Canyon: T-Th H: 494-0171 betsy.wintermute
      SLPa   W: 3914  
Hearing Specialists      
Abbink, Jennifer EAC H: 484-0074 jennifer.abbink
      Audiologist   W: 1355  
Bobzin, Allison EAC H: 262-0663 allison.bobzin
    W: 1354  
Woehle, Cindy EAC H: 487-0835 cindy.woehle
    W: 1356  
Karen Eells-Eaton EAC H: 282-9294 karen.eellseaton
    W: 1371  
revised 8/20/08  

SLPs in District #20

June 3, 2008

Welcome to the blog for Speech Languge Pathologists in Academy District #20. This will be a place where we can share current research, problem solve case studies (without using names or other identifying information), and discuss any other pertinent issues.